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About AT&I Systems

AT&I Systems is a systems integrator based in South Florida that prides itself on providing cutting-edge solutions that help create a safer community. For over 18 years, our team has been providing access control, video surveillance, intrusion systems and gate entry systems for a variety of businesses and organizations across several states in the U.S.

At AT&I, our staff knows that customer service is our main priority and it shows in our work. From factory-trained technicians to skilled system designers, we work with your property to provide an intuitive solution that works for you today and in the future.

Start your security journey now by reaching out to us at 866-436-3516 to get a free consultation. We have offices in FL and NYC with more to come soon!

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Our ATI Notify System Supports Our
Communication Strategy

Do you have trouble calling service companies? Do you have to chase them down and don’t really know when they will arrive at your location? With ATI Notify, we push communications directly to you via email notifications with a detailed description of your request. When our technicians complete a request, they update the work order, documenting a description of the work completed. From there, ATI Notify immediately sends a copy of the completed work order to the client.

Have trouble reconciling work order invoices? With ATI Notify, our invoice number matches the work order number, allowing your accounting department to quickly match the invoice, making their job a bit easier as well.

ATI Security Systems has the experience, expertise and ATI Notify communications system to support all of your gates, access control and video surveillance needs. Stop chasing your vendors and let AT&I Systems stay in touch with you!

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AT&I Systems’ Mission Statement

A local provider of cutting-edge security solutions, AT&I Systems has served commercial businesses, financial institutions, homeowners associations, and multi-family residential housing facilities in South Florida for nearly three decades.

Our experts provide advanced access control, video surveillance, gate-entry systems, and more for our clients. We pride ourselves on seeking customer satisfaction first and providing prompt service that’s submitted, started, completed, and invoiced by noon.

Partnership With Broward County Sheriff’s Department

We are proud to be one of only 11 companies recently selected to participate in the Broward Sheriff’s Department’s Real Time Crime Center

Or “RTCC”. This partnership allows RTCC detectives to guide first responders to threats at your property or business, providing up-to-the-moment information about what is occurring. The RTCC program has a select group of security companies that work alongside law enforcement to quickly respond to security threats throughout the community. If a residence, community or house of worship opts into the program, the RTCC will be linked directly to dispatch.

This enables responding units to act quickly, take the appropriate action, as well as send the appropriate number of units to assist. Depending on the type of threat, a call for help will automatically activate and alert the RTCC, geomapping the call. We’re honored to be working with the Sheriff’s Department to help first responders respond quickly and accurately to security concerns.

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