Deliver reliable cellular connectivity in your building

Staying connected is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity. Tenants, employees, customers, and guests expect their devices to connect – don’t disappoint them.

Person using a smartphone, illustrating mobile connectivity and communication.

AT&I’s in-building CEL-FI cellular solutions bring the power of the networks inside your building

Eliminate dropped calls and lagging internet and improve cell reception with a cellular repeater system

Cellular repeaters keep patrons connected by bringing signals from the outdoors into the building, negating the attenuation of RF signals caused by the building materials.

What can a Cellular Repeater do for you?

Image showing the elimination of cellular coverage gaps in modern buildings.

Eliminate Coverage Gaps

Most modern buildings have cellular coverage gaps - but your building doesn’t have to be one of them. Several factors can impact signal strength by the time it reaches you:

  • Cell Tower Proximity
  • Exterior Obstructions
  • The Building Itself

Not being connected can raise stress levels, reduce productivity, and slow transactions. While Wi-Fi can help, it’s not a substitute. You need both!

View from ground level looking up towards the sky, surrounded by towering buildings.

Improve your building's cell connectivity

A strong, reliable, cellular signal throughout your facility benefits people and operations:

  • Stay Connected: Keep employees, customers, and visitors connected and able to take care of business
  • Convenience: Make it easy and convenient for customers to access information to enhance their experience
  • SafetyEnhance security by enabling everyone to reach emergency services if needed
Image depicting buildings with a cellular repeater system, consisting of three primary components.

How it works

A cellular repeater system is typically made up of three primary components:

  • A "donor" antenna - also called a "reception" antenna
  • A bi-directional signal amplifier
  • One or more rebroadcast antennas
Group of workers stationed together, collaborating and engaged in their tasks.

Design to Implementation

AT&I works with your team and organization to design a cellular repeater system that modernizes your building and helps you and your customers stay connected at all times.

  • Site walk-throughs and product demos allow us to find the correct solution that fits your organization.
  • Pre and post-installation support from our trained service team ensures your organization stays protected during the transition.


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AT&I Systems
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They are always helpful on the phone and good about getting a tech out quickly when necessary.
Great bunch of folks to work with, we submitted a work request on Wednesday, and they were here on Thursday diagnosing the problem. Service tech was very knowledgeable and professional. We look forward to a long relationship with AT&I......Thanks
All the techs are great. Mark is outstanding . He can represent my company anytime. You, lucky to have him. 👍👍👍👍👍. Rich Fallon
ATI Security Systems is always prompt with service and their response time. Anytime we call or email for service, they usually send out a tech same day, when its possible. Our company has used them for our community gate repairs for years!
AT&I installed a new parking access system at an office building we mange in Doral. From start to finish it has been a great experience. They are prompt in replying, they show up when scheduled. Oscar, Brett and Dave are a great team and we are happy we selected AT&I for our new access system.
AT&I staff are real professionals. They held our hand during the implementation of GateKey and OpenPath. In our development, we love the simplicity of the GateKey entry system - it’s simple and intuitive to use. The OpenPath system allows our snowflakes to open the gates while driving a temporary rental car or as a passenger in someone else’s car. Great products and great team.
I have worked with James at ATI for my condo association with multiple gates and cameras. Before ATI, we were a mess. After suggested upgrades and replacements, we are finally running 24/7 with few glitches now in community. The problems we have had over past year were addressed promptly and properly. I have no doubt that no other company could do a better job.
Ricky Zalewski at AT&I is very helpful and extremely pleasant to deal with.
I have been working with AT&I Systems for several months now. They are very quick in responding to our access gate service calls. We will hopefully be contracting them to do all of our security cameras as well! I would highly recommend them. Brett W is awesome!
ATI and there staff are first class. They solve problems and give solutions. I’ve been a BOD and a licensed Property Manager. I’ve hired them at multiple properties and they’ve done an excellent job. I wouldn’t highly recommend Oscar Jon and Ricky for your South Florida gate needs. When the gate goes down or the call box has an issue just call or e-mail them for assistance. Bravo ATI. !!
Great Company. Troy Hildebrant was AMAZING. He came out and trouble shot our issue and had it fixed in no time!! Very knowledgeable, professional, dependable and kind. Would definitely recommend this company.
AT&I Systems has more experience, ability and is more dependable than any similar company in South Florida. 100% Recommended this firm.
Such a great company. Always available when we need them here at Parc3400 to assist. Very friendly technicians and also very knowledgeable about the issues and how to fix them. Would recommend this company to any communities in the area.
10/10 recommend this company. They offer great products. The staff is very professional to work with. They are responsive and have reliable service. The Cellgate system is easy to use which is a major plus since I use it everyday. I love it.
I have been dong business with ATI for years. Pricing and service are fantastic. Had an issue with alarm and security gates last week. Service tech's were out the same day and resolved all issues at a fair price. Would not use any other company!
It was a pleasure to do business with AT&I security systems. We called them in the morning and our gate was fixed in the same day. They have the nicest staff and their sales team is always eager to help. Their camera quality is superb and their gate systems are truly the best! Thank you Oscar and team!
This is the best security system company in south Florida! The sales team and Oscar Weinberg are extremely professional, reliable, courteous and kind individuals who provide expert service. The quality of their products is top notch and I could not be happier with our system. Thank you AT&I for the excellent work that you do! Highly recommend!
Great office staff and management team. I had the opportunity to meet their office staff and installation team and everyone is professional and very happy to be working there. The owner of this company takes pride in what they do and they definitely do great work in our surroundings communities. You need to check them out!

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