7 Reasons Why You Need to Switch to a Wireless Security System

by | Apr 29, 2021 | Latest News

Whether you need to safeguard a business or a home, the common need for a security system is plain when you simply look at the numbers. Consider that the FBI tallied up more than seven million property crimes in 2018 alone, an estimated 2,199.5 crimes per 100,000 U.S. inhabitants. The total loss during that period ran a startling $16.4 billion, and nearly three-quarters (72.5 percent) of those losses were due to larceny and theft. That’s the bad news. But a study from the Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice in Newark, New Jersey, found that “a steady decrease in burglaries in Newark between 2001 and 2005 coincided with an increase in the number of registered home burglar alarms.”

So the importance of security systems in deterring crime is self-evident — but what kind of security system? In this post, we’ll discuss wireless vs wired security systems and offer seven reasons why you should select a wireless security system.

What is Classified as a Wireless Security System?

Before we begin providing our reasons for preferring wireless security systems, let’s describe the differences between wired vs wireless security cameras, sensors, and systems. All security systems have a central control panel into which feed a variety of sensors, such as:

  • motion sensors
  • contact sensors
  • fire detectors
  • carbon-monoxide detectors
  • video cameras

When something gets tripped, the central control panel communicates with the monitoring company, starting the alarm process. The primary difference between the two kinds of systems is the way in which they communicate with the central control panel. Wireless systems use wireless protocols such as wifi, whereas wired systems use, well, wires. That might seem like a minimal difference, but it opens up a whole host of security possibilities. Let’s consider the first reason why we prefer wireless security systems.

Reason #1: More Flexibility in How and Where You Install

Because wired systems need a physical connection so that a sensor can receive power and “talk” with the control panel, you’re limited as to where you can place them. For instance, sliding glass doors often require multiple sensors near the edge of their frame on a wired system. Not so with a wireless system! A security company can install these battery powered sensors just about anywhere, which allows more installation flexibility and often minimizes the number of sensors needed.

Reason #2: No Hardwired Lines to Cut or Bypass

A study out of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte entitled “Understanding Decisions to Burglarize from the Offender’s Perspective” found that “most burglars would try to determine if an alarm was present before attempting a burglary.  Among those that determined that an alarm was present after initiating a burglary, about half would discontinue the attempt.” Additionally, “about one in five burglars reported cutting telephone or alarm wires in advance.” But disabling a wireless alarm is far more challenging than it is with traditional systems since there’s simply no wire to cut!

Reason #3: Easier to Set Up with Lower Labor Costs

Drilling. Pulling. Patching. Painting. Even the best security system that’s wired takes a lot of work to install, and that translates into an increased price for the purchaser. Wireless security systems require much less time to install, which ends up saving you money.

Reason #4: Wireless Systems will Continue to Run When Power Goes Out

One of the greatest disadvantages of a wired systems is that it simply won’t continue to function if the grid goes down. Not so with a wireless system! Thanks to their batteries, they can continue to operate even in extreme conditions, granting you peace of mind when you need it most.

Reason #5: More Energy Savings

Battery-powered sensors draw far less current than those hard wired into your house’s power. What’s more, wireless systems often require far fewer sensors to work effectively. The end result is that it costs far less to operate a wireless security system.

Reason #6: Moving? You Can Take Your Wireless Security System with You

One of the great downsides of a traditional wired security system is that it becomes part and parcel with your house. All of the time, effort, and expense you put into it disappears as soon as you finalize the closing statement on a house sale. With wireless systems, though, you can simply remove them from your property and install them in a new one.

Reason #7: Why Not Both? Running Both a Wired and Wireless System

Business owners are sometimes wary of installing an entirely new system when they feel as though their current wired option works “just fine.” Many central control panels can handle both wireless and wired inputs. Is a loose sensor annoying you? Would you like to monitor a part of the property in a different way? With wireless options, you can assemble a hybrid option that gives you exactly what you need.

Which is better: Wired or wireless security system?

While we believe that wireless alarm systems are better, we’d also be the first to admit that you should consider your specific situation prior to making any major changes. Therein lies part of the beauty of wireless security systems: You don’t necessarily have to completely ditch an old system even if you want to make several wireless additions.

Why are security systems important and worth having?

Why should we care about having effective security systems? Hopefully the statistics above convinced you that crime is a real risk for businesses and individuals alike. But in addition to the real physical and monetary threats, there are also psychological costs to consider. Your customers and employees need to feel as though they shop and work in a safe area.

When it comes to keeping things safe, we here at AT&I Systems know how to do it. We pride ourselves on our access to the latest technology, our customer-focused company culture, and our commitment to making sure that your system works the way you want it each and every day. Let us provide you with the smartest and best implemented security solutions. To learn more, contact us today at (954) 727-1724.