Combatting the Vape Epidemic

by | May 10, 2024 | Latest News

The HALO Smart Sensor is an IoT-powered innovation designed to detect and respond to changes in the environment in real-time. While its capabilities span across various aspects of environmental monitoring, one area where HALO excels is vape detection.


Vaping has become prevalent in many public and private spaces, posing challenges to maintaining a safe and healthy environment. The HALO Smart Sensor addresses this concern by offering sophisticated vape detection capabilities alongside its array of other features.


So, how does the HALO Smart Sensor fit into your business?


Introducing the HALO Smart Sensor

First and foremost, the HALO Smart Sensor is engineered to enhance safety in facilities by detecting various environmental threats, including vaping. It goes beyond traditional sensors by offering comprehensive monitoring without compromising individual privacy through audio or visual recording.


Combatting Drug Use with HALO Smart Sensor

For years, the HALO Smart Sensor has played a crucial role in detecting and alerting to vaping, smoking, and vaping with THC in privacy areas. Its ability to identify vapor emissions from substances like marijuana, methamphetamines, ketamine, and others enables security and facility management teams to intervene promptly, mitigating the risk of overdoses and contamination issues.


Breathe Better with HALO’s Air Quality Monitoring

Aside from vape detection, HALO also prioritizes indoor air quality through its air quality monitoring sensors. It continuously monitors concentrations of CO2, VOC, NO2, and particulates in the air, providing instant alerts when unsafe levels are detected. This empowers building management to take swift action to maintain a healthy environment for occupants.


Design to Implementation

At AT&I, we understand that every organization has unique needs when it comes to environmental monitoring. That’s why we work closely with your team to design a Smart Sensor system tailored to your specific requirements. From initial site walkthroughs and product demos to pre and post-installation support, our trained service team ensures a seamless transition and ongoing protection for your organization.


The HALO Smart Sensor represents a cutting-edge solution that not only enhances safety but also elevates environmental awareness and responsiveness in facilities. With its advanced vape detection capabilities and comprehensive monitoring features, it’s a valuable asset for any organization looking to create a safer and healthier environment for its occupants. Ready to experience the benefits of HALO Smart Sensor for your facility? Request a quote today and take the first step towards enhanced safety and peace of mind.