Equipment Security: 7 Tips to Properly Protect Business Equipment

by | Dec 4, 2020 | Latest News

The topic of business theft makes many managers automatically focus on retail theft. It’s not hard to understand why. The 2019 National Retail Security Survey noted that the average shoplifting incident resulted in a loss of $546.67 and the average robbery cost companies $2,885.15. Those are significant numbers.

However, it’s worth remembering that many other types of business also face substantial theft risks. Citing statistics from the National Equipment Register, Construct Connect reports that the annual value of stolen construction equipment ranges from $300 million to $1 billion. Similarly, BSI’s Annual Cargo Theft Report shows that the median cargo theft amount in North America was $80,000, and eight such incidents occurred every day. And that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when discussing business-equipment theft.

When it comes to security, many businesses fail to protect business equipment, which leaves them vulnerable to significant losses. This post will list seven tips that will help you properly protect your business equipment.

Monitor Stock Rooms

Blog posts, white papers, and opinion pieces about commercial surveillance systems’ role in protecting business equipment love to focus on system specifics. Some preach the importance of 4k commercial security cameras, while others focus on front point security cameras or search for the best commercial CCTV systems. Truth be told, all of these sorts of systems can play a vital role in safeguarding your business equipment, and we here at AT&I always remain up to date on the latest security offerings. However, where commercial grade video surveillance systems focus is just as important as their technical specifications.

Monitoring stock rooms is a natural first step when it comes to protecting your company’s business equipment and inventory. According to U.K. security firm Cove Security, $50 million of inventory disappears each and every year. Monitoring what happens in a business’ employees-only areas and controlling who gains access to them is an important first step.

Monitor Black Alleys and Rear Entrances

Too many businesses believe that setting up a security camera for shop activities will solve virtually all of their business equipment theft problems. Too many also ignore perimeter security, an essential part of any safety paradigm. If you control who gets into your business’ property, you solve many (but not all!) of your equipment-loss problems.

Relatively secluded areas of ingress can become weak points for any business. That usually translates into maintaining CCTV cameras for businesses around back alleys and installing some kind of access control or burglary detection at rear entrances. Note the actual security systems employed are more or less secondary to the areas being covered.

Improve the Safety of Parking Lots

Speaking of perimeter security, parking lots deserve special attention. The United States Bureau of Justice Statistics found that “more than 1 in 10 property crimes occurred in parking lots or garages.” Not only are these spaces areas through which equipment thieves must move stolen items, they also can foment other types of crime.

In order to improve parking lot safety, business owners can take a number of specific steps, including:

  • Adding powerful light sources
  • Installing a commercial wireless camera system
  • Erecting fencing if allowed by zoning
  • Conducting regular patrols

Look Out for Suspicious Employee Conduct or Signs

Security cameras for business do more than just keep bad people out. They also help root out criminals in your workplace. Forbes states that an astonishing 75 percent of all employees have pilfered something from their employers at least once. If that’s a company-purchased notepad or pen, then such a transgression might not seem so bad. But when business equipment theft can cost a firm or store four or five figures in value, then it simply makes sense to monitor employee activities.

Keep the Cameras Rolling After Office Hours

Installing business security systems with cameras that monitor your property even after normal operating hours is important. Equipment theft won’t necessarily occur when personnel are present and it’s easy to spot. In fact, depending on your specific sort of business, non-operating hours may present the perfect time for thieves to strike.

Constantly recording security cameras serve several purposes. First, if conspicuous, they may deter theft. A 2009 study from the Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice discovered an inverse relationship between alarm systems and break ins. When the former increased, the latter decreased. Second, CCTV cameras for business may lead to the recovery of stolen equipment (although this doesn’t happen as often as business owners may like). Finally, a recording of a crime may help authorities catch the persons responsible.

Loading Docks are Important as Well

Perhaps you’ve heard the colloquialism about something that “fell off the back of a truck.” According to the website Phrases and Sayings, it’s used to indicate that an item has been stolen and likely purloined during transport. Indeed, the earliest written record of the idiom traces back to 1928.

The application of this little linguistic fact is pretty plain. If people have recognized for nearly a century that equipment or retail goods tend to disappear at the point of transport, they you need to monitor those areas. CCTV cameras for business should remain trained on any loadings docks or places that people move equipment or goods through.

Stay Connected with Remote Monitoring

All of the above steps might sound like you need to be available around the clock in order to properly safeguard your business. Thanks to remote monitoring, though, you don’t have to. AT&I offers systems with cloud computing integration. That means you can receive alerts about suspicious activity through your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Additionally, we offer a Managed Services solution that takes the drudgery out of managing your system and provides you daily reports about what has happened in and around your business.

For nearly three decades, AT&I Systems has helped a diverse group of businesses safeguard their premises and property. We provide security systems and responsive technical support for retailers, banks, financial institutions, homeowners associations, governmental institutions, schools, and universities. To learn more, contact us at (866) 436-3516.