Consulting & Risk Assesment

Most companies and communities don’t entirely lack a security system to safeguard their premises. However, many maintain legacy systems that have existed for years and decades with little alteration, minimal upgrading, and no consideration as to whether or not they fulfill their intended purpose. In such instances, the consulting and risk assessment services offered by AT&I Systems may prove the difference between safety secured and actively in peril.

Risk Assessment and Management

No security system will work “out of the box,” and there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution that will safeguard every sort of organization. Companies, communities, and nonprofits invariably find themselves in different sorts of sites, having different sorts of needs, and requiring different levels of security. That’s why a risk assessment plays such an important role when designing, installing, or upgrading a security system: It matches a customer’s specific context with the best available physical security options.

What exactly is a risk assessment? In short, it examines your specific site from the point of view of someone attempting to compromise it and then points out deficits as part of that risk analysis. Risk management also factors in the specific risks that may arise as part of the area in which your business is situated and the threats that can occur due to the nature of the business itself.

Security Consulting

Once the risk consulting process is complete, the following steps should have taken place:

The identification of the elements of the business that must be safeguarded.

The evaluation of which potential risks these elements might reasonably face.

Lhe mitigation steps that the business should take to guard against probable risks.

Preventative processes that work in tandem with mitigation measures in order to prevent risks from arising.

Security consulting primarily concerns itself with the implementation of these final two steps. Once an organization understands the risks facing it, a security consultant seeks to install surveillance, access control, and alarm measures to prevent unauthorized intrusions, loss scenarios, property damage, and vandalism. Security consultations train staff regarding best practices that can prevent future incidents.

Why Florida Businesses Trust AT&I Systems

Why do businesses throughout the Sunshine State trust AT&I Systems’ risk analysis and security consulting services? AT&I has a successful track record of nearly three decades of mitigating risk in Florida. With multiple offices and numerous commercial clients in fields as varied as retail, banking, government, health care, residential communities, manufacturing, and more, we understand the challenges your organization currently faces and which you may need to manage in the future. Additionally, we combine professional proficiency with a customer-focused culture that always puts your needs first.

Why Choose AT&I Systems

No matter the assets employed, or the security specifics required by your company or nonprofit, AT&I Systems has the ability to protect it. We combine the latest technology with the know-how that lets us employ it effectively. Additionally, we’ll keep you informed every step along the way as we analyze, plan, install, and service your security system. Contact us today!

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