12 Questions to Ask a Security Consultant before Hiring

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Hiring a Security Consultant: What to Ask

When people establish a new business, they may face a slew of threats and breaches in their system. Many problems can arise when they don’t take proper safety measures for their company. However, security consultants have proved to be an excellent solution for people who are struggling to protect their companies. A security consultant is responsible for securing the premises. They typically do so by researching new ways to create a contingency plan and reviewing existing operations that are keeping the premises safe. 

Because of their many advantages, organizations know that they will be better off when they hire a reputable team of security consultants. However, they often struggle when it comes to actual recruitment. You have to hire the best available consultant on the market because their competency is essential for the company’s future. This is why most agencies are conflicted about what to look for and what to consider since a lot is on the line. 

Nevertheless, while hiring a security consultant is not overly complex, you still have to be cautious of how you are hiring. Think about it; if you end up working with someone less than capable, they may not be able to pick out any mistakes within your existing system. And when they are not able to identify the errors, hiring them will be counterproductive. 

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Top 12 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Security Consultant

The responsibilities of a security consultant are too serious for people to be reckless with hiring. The hiring process needs to be as extensive and thorough as possible to prevent any shortcomings on your part. If you are stingy with the expenses or careless with the questions, you will likely have to deal with an incompetent consultant who will only risk your organization further.  

To prevent any misgivings, you have to ensure that you ask all the following questions before hiring a Security Consultant: 

1) What Relevant Security Experience Do You Have?

Seeing as security is a sensitive and complex matter, inquiring about their experience is crucial. Ensuring the security of an organization involves meeting client-specific requirements, practicing reliable and effective methods, and other regulations. All of these requirements are implemented for the ultimate protection of your organization’s safety.  

Many attacks and threats are targeted at individual industries or specific geographical regions. This is to say that more is needed to hire someone than simply a generic skill set about security. A physical security consultant needs to be familiar with your geographical location so they can ward off breaches and multi-faceted attacks.  

2) What Is My Organization’s Biggest Security Risk?

When you are asking security consultant interview questions, understanding their skill set is extremely crucial. While this is not a common question, and you may very well feel confused as to why this matters, this question will allow you to see their skills to their max.  

 It is a typical practice among employees to try to impress the interviewer. Therefore, when they bring their best to the table, you should ask this particular question to see how well they can analyze your system and premises. And you can only decipher this when you ask them about your organization’s biggest security risk. 

3) Who Is Going To Perform the Actual Work?

Initially, you should inquire about the consultant’s experience. An appropriate security consultant will have the proper experience that is relevant and related to your industry and organization. Secondly, you have to ask the firm about who will be conducting and implementing all those tasks and security assessments. You have to ask beforehand to avoid any miscommunication. If you already signed an agreement, you can’t back out of it. This means if you have yet to voice your concerns and requirements, you won’t be able to do anything but accept the services. Therefore, ask about who will perform the actual work because it is the firm’s job to employ you with an adequate team who will do all necessary work effectively. 

4) How Will You Communicate With Me About The Work You Do?

Among the many security consultant interview questions and answers, this is critical. Communication is one of the most crucial elements for any organization. Think about it; when your security consultant isn’t communicating with you properly, your organization can suffer.  

Additionally, you have to consider how compatible you are with them. If they are communicating vaguely, in an untimely manner, or worse, they aren’t communicating at all, and you should reconsider hiring them. For your organization, you should have excellent communication with the security consultants. 

5) What Will You Need From My Company To Get The Job Done?

This is an excellent question that will tell you what the consultant will need from you. This will allow you to consider whether your resources match their requirements or not. Additionally, it would be ideal if they have an answer ready for you. 

However, there are times when the security consultant doesn’t know what they may need for the organization. While they are supposed to be self-sufficient, it is normal for them to ask for specific resources like technological equipment. Therefore, figure out what they may need from you.  

6) Are You Going To Provide Training For My Employees?

This is especially true since you have to ensure that they are willing to provide training. Sometimes consultants will ask for help, but they won’t be willing to train those people thoroughly. 

Additionally, make sure that all your employees are ready to receive that training as well. If they aren’t ready for training then it won’t be an easy interaction between the employees and the physical consultant.  

7) What Certifications Do You Have In Security Management?

Without certifications, you shouldn’t hire any employee, let alone a security consultant. They are the ones who handle the most sensitive task – ensuring the company’s safety. When a consultant isn’t certified and licensed, it means that they are not qualified enough to be handling your company’s security. 

Checking for their certification is an effective way to learn about their skills and see if they are a good match for your company, and rightfully so. Moreover, you have to invest in someone who is capable and able to conduct proper implementation and follow-through training.  

8) How Will You Help Us Make The Changes You Recommend?

This question will allow you to see two things: one, what changes they wish to make, and second, how they want to do it. While it may not seem like a significant inquiry, it is essential when hiring a security consultant.  

Once the consultant tells you about how they wish to implement those changes, you can judge whether you like their methods or not. This will allow you to see how compatible you both are. 

9) Do You Have Ties To Our Competition?

This is a question to test loyalties, especially when they have been in service to your competitors. You can’t risk losing your codes and passwords to your competition, so be extremely cautious. 

You should research on your own as well to avoid hiring someone who is linked to your competition. However, if the person is highly capable, you can hire them under a strict NDA agreement.  

10) Do You Think Security Quality Should Be Sacrificed in Order to Meet Project Deadlines?

This will act as a trick question, which will let you know what the mindset of your applicant is. If they think that, yes, the quality should be sacrificed, then it is a bad sign. You shouldn’t hire someone who will compromise on the safety of the project just because of its deadline. Now, when they say “no,” you will immediately know that they are the right fit.  

Ensure that the consultant understands the requirements and specialties of the projects, assignments, and, ultimately, your company. If they don’t, they will end up compromising on the security quality, which is hazardous for the company. 

11) How Would You Handle a Client Who Repeatedly Questioned Your Security Measures?

This is a question that would be tricky to answer since they won’t want to say that they will treat them poorly. Consequently, you will have to look at their body language. They will give you a clue as to what they are actually thinking.  

If you feel as though they are put off by the question, it likely means that they won’t react well to negative feedback. They might get defensive and irritable. However, a good employee will take it in stride and handle the situation with professionalism. 

12) What Methods Do You Use To Ensure Your Security Designs Are Complete?

You have to judge their approach to hardware and software; this will tell you how they operate on a daily basis. When you get a sense of their work methods, you will also learn whether you approve or not. It is extremely important that your morals fit well with them. 

Additionally, you can recognize whether they believe in completing one task before starting another, which is a statement about their commitment. 

Final Words

Businesses know how working with a security consultant is beneficial for their company. They deliver numerous advantages including identifying any weakness in the existing system, designing better plans, and ensuring the overall strength of your security. 

Essentially, they are experts who can recognize impending threats and vulnerabilities and then establish countermeasures that will ensure your utmost safety.   

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