AT&I Announces Partnership With Broward County Sherriff’s Department

by | Nov 15, 2021 | Latest News

Broward County Sheriff's Department's RTCC program

The Broward Sheriff’s Department’s Real Time Crime Center, or “RTCC” recently selected 11 security companies for the honor of participating in the program. This partnership allows RTCC detectives to guide first responders to threats at your property or business, providing up-to-the-minute information about what is occurring. The RTCC program has a select group of security companies that work alongside local law enforcement in order to quickly respond to security threats throughout the community.

If a home, business or house of worship opts into the program, the RTCC will be linked directly to dispatch, enabling responding units to act quickly, take the appropriate action and send the appropriate number of units to respond. Depending on the threat, a call for help will automatically activate and alert the RTCC, geomapping the location of the call.

“We’re honored to be working with the Sheriff’s Department to enable first responders to respond quickly and accurately to security concerns.” – Oscar Weinberg, founder & owner of AT&I Security Systems