How a Telephone Entry System Can Benefit Your Business

by | Nov 29, 2018 | Latest News

AT&I System’s Telephone Entry SystemFor many security systems, a telephone entry unit serves as an essential part of an access-control system. Eliminating the need for costly and unreliable security personnel, such units allow owners to easily admit guests. However, traditional telephone entry units have often caused as many problems as they have solved.

The Trouble with Traditional Telephone Entry Units

Like rotary and touch-tone phones, traditional telephone entry units all have a common limitation: They are only as reliable as the landline that connects them to the telephone company. This can lead to numerous problems, including …

• Unexpected outages due to incidents that do not occur on your property
• Confusion regarding the identity of visitors at your gate
• Difficulty finding replacement parts for damaged units
• The need to communicate with a large, bureaucratic corporation for even the simplest of issues

Fortunately, you can enjoy all of the advantages of a telephone entry unit without the hassles.

AT&I System’s Cord-Cutting Technology

Rather than rely on antiquated systems, all of AT&I System’s telephone entry units come equipped with cellular transmitters. Traditional entry systems often require a company to dig a trench for and install a phone line. But our modular system can connect with any gate in any location. It’s SIM-card based and easy to manage. Additionally, the system interacts with property-managers’ cell phones, meaning they can know who wants to enter the community to contact them and control the individual’s access.

Benefits of AT&I System’s Telephone Entry Units

Additionally, AT&I’s telephone entry units offer benefits beyond that of cellular ease and reliability. Each telephone entry unit contains a built-in, high-definition camera. This camera takes pictures when guests request entry and automatically forwards them. This ensures there is no doubt as to who is at the gate.

Property managers, owners, or residents can also respond to entry requests at any time or place through AT&I System’s mobile app. Our system provides you with the maximum mobility and flexibility in property management.

Authorized users can also connect databases in their own time and in their own way. As long as you have a web browser and access to the internet, AT&I System’s cloud-based access control management software is available. Add to, delete from, and change your permissions whenever the need arises.

In addition to offering highly competitive installation and database management, AT&I helps you eliminate the hassles, and focus on what’s important – your business.