Wireless Security 101 For Non-Techies

by | Jul 7, 2022 | Latest News

Crime is a big business — at least for criminals. According to the FBI, there were 6,925,677 property crimes across the United States in 2019 (the most recent year for which there are statistics). Additionally, larceny-theft, which the FBI defines as “the unlawful taking, carrying, leading, or riding away of property from the possession or constructive possession of another,” accounted for 73.4 percent of those crimes. If you’re the owner of a business, those numbers represent a lot of lost revenue and time, no matter the size of your company. Finding the best wireless security system should be a top priority.  But while the advent of wireless security systems has meant more companies can safeguard their sites, sometimes the many options can seem intimidating. 

That’s why we here at AT&I Systems have created this guide to wireless security systems for people not technically inclined. In it we’ll discuss what you should look for in a wireless security system, how you can choose the best business security system for your site, and common setups for different sorts of companies.  

What to look for in a wireless security system  

Before we begin to discuss the best security cameras for business and the most ideal sorts of wireless systems, it helps to understand exactly how they work. 

Traditional security systems were comprised of a number of relatively simple items. They featured sensors around doors and windows that would send out a signal if they opened. They included security cameras that monitored specific areas. They communicated with a central hub of some sort that included software that interpreted the sensors’ data and monitors on which to view the video footage. But most importantly for our discussion, they strung everything together with physical wire that carried the necessary information.  

Wireless security systems perform essentially the same tasks, although they often do have some added functionality. (For instance, they can push notifications and footage to a smartphone.) However, their biggest difference is that they dispense with the cabling that ties together wired systems, replacing it with electronic protocols such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. While this means that wireless security can be more susceptible to signal interruptions, they are far easier to install, maintain, and upgrade. 

With that in mind, here are some of the things you ought to look for when selecting a wireless security system: 

  • Easy Installation Procedures. No digging. No electrical work. Simple portability. The best wireless security camera system for small business should have all of these. Indeed, every wireless security system ought to be easy to install. Yes, you will likely need to mount cameras and install sensors, which will take a little of the proverbial elbow grease. Installing any required software and connecting peripherals to either your network or via Bluetooth will need a small amount of technical knowledge. But the best systems should make it easy for anyone to install and run them. 
  • Low-Cost. Similarly, wireless security systems have soared in popularity due to their relative frugality. Search for an option with low monthly payments that only escalates over time if you choose to make use of additional features or services such as remote monitoring. 
  • Low-Maintenance. Since they have no wires that can fray and feature minimal mechanical parts, the ideal wireless security system ought to require little maintenance. Indeed, most systems only require that you periodically change the batteries that power the various sensors and cameras. Anything more might mean that you’ve selected a less than ideal piece of technology or service. 
  • Feature-Rich. Today, you can select the best 4k security camera system for business — or perhaps you only want a 720p option, but you’d also like for it to archive all footage to the cloud and be remotely monitored by a trusted security company (such as AT&I!). That shouldn’t be a problem. Top-notch wireless security systems should have lots of available features from which you can choose. If you want to include infrared cameras, motion trackers, fire alarms, various types of burglar alarms, you should be able to. 
  • Variety & Flexibility. Your business will change over time, and one of the great advantages of wireless security systems is that they should be able to change with you. If you need to expand coverage, adding more sensors requires minimal effort. The same should be said for removing them. And if you need to move entirely? Well, then you should be able to easily uninstall a good wireless system and take it with you to your new location. 

How do I choose a wireless security system?  

Because no two companies are the same, the best indoor and the best outdoor security camera system for business will naturally vary, as will alarms, motion detectors, and the like. Still, there are a variety of considerations that everyone should keep in mind, such as: 

Consider your budget. Wireless security systems are usually scalable by nature, and they excel at scalability of function, breadth, and cost. Most businesses shouldn’t have much of a problem at finding affordable options, but if your budget is expansive and your need is as well, make sure that you select a system with plenty of room to expand and ample security options. While most systems have bare-bones options, not all may feature the specific “bells and whistles” that you may want. 

Be sure what type of protection you need. We will discuss this consideration in greater detail down below but suffice it to say that you must understand the nature of your business and the risks concomitant with its operation before you determine your required security needs. For instance, banks will need to prioritize certain types of alarm systems, while office buildings will need to focus on access control. 

Contact a security system company or an expert for a security evaluation. Sometimes it isn’t easy to determine exactly what sort of system would work well with your specific site. When trying to determine the hardware that would best safeguard your company, consider speaking with a security professional. AT&I Systems offers comprehensive security consultations for all sorts of businesses. 

Best wireless security systems for… 

As we mentioned in the previous section, you must consider the specific kinds of protection that your business will require when selecting a wireless security system. Here we will detail some specific factors for specific businesses, including: 

Local businesses and retail stores 

Companies in general and retailers in particular have a vested interest in discouraging theft. Not only should their wireless security systems include surveillance cameras and intrusion alarms, but they should also consider integrated access control and ensure that alerts get transmitted to emergency services.  


Restauranteurs have a vested interest in ensuring prompt deliveries and monitoring the activity of staff. Wireless systems ought to include high-definition cameras that can capture what occurs on the premises in great detail. 


Residential associations want to ensure that common areas remain safe and restrict entry to only credentialed individuals. Motion-activated cameras, access control systems for restricted areas (e.g., clubhouses, exercise rooms, pools), and integration with gate-entry systems should be priorities.  

Financial Institutions 

Banks, brokerage houses, and other financial institutions face greater risks than other sorts of institutions. Options that they may want to consider for their wireless security systems include bill traps, glass-break sensors, tamper alerts, fire-system integration, and cellular backup. 

No matter your specific business or security need, reach out to AT&I Systems. In our comprehensive security consultation, we provide detailed and individualized information about the risks and advantages. We also carry trustworthy, scalable, and affordable wireless security systems, and for those requiring additional oversight, we offer remote monitoring services. Contact us today!