AT&I Awarded the Video Monitoring System Install at Valencia Shores

by | Feb 26, 2019 | Boynton Beach, Latest News

Avigilon Security cameraWhen Valencia Shores, a senior-living community for active residents ages 55 and up, needed security, it turned to AT&I Systems. Though Boynton Beach boasts a rich history and is situated next to Palm Beach, it also has a crime rate that’s 75 percent above that of the national average. That’s why Valencia Shores turned to AT&I for the installation of a high-definition surveillance system powered by Avigilon Analytic Technology.

What Is Avigilon Analytic Technology?

A subsidiary of Motorola, Avigilon produces high-tech surveillance solutions that provide property managers with a simultaneously simple and powerful way to safeguard areas. How? Some of Avigilon’s offerings include:

  • Multiple, integrated, and scalable security products that function in harmony no matter the specific configuration
  • Cameras with (but not limited to) low-profile, modular, ultra-high-definition, multiple-sensor, panoramic, and thermal designs
  • Support appliances designed to accommodate multiple cameras and store footage locally
  • AI-powered smart software that can sort footage by appearance

How Do Avigilon and AT&I Secure Your Property?

Avigilon video security systems include: software, analytics, servers and camerasOn its own, technology can only do so much to keep areas secure. In order to work properly, it requires knowledge of both the equipment’s capabilities and how it would work best on a specific site. Valencia Shores recognized that AT&I’s long history in the Sunshine State made it the ideal candidate for their community.

By installing and maintaining high-definition surveillance cameras in strategic groupings, AT&I will be able to protect both the interior and exterior of the community. Additionally, this arrangement will also provide an added measure of security for the guard houses and gates, alerting on-site personnel of any potential intruders. Such countermeasures let security respond actively rather than reactively.

These systems do more than merely capture images, though. They integrate with Avigilon’s analytics software, providing timely alerts to employees and managers. Suppose cameras capture footage of a thief on the property. With most systems, security personnel would only learn about it after the fact. But these systems will alert guards, management, and local police of intrusions via text and email as soon as they happen. And what if a vehicle strikes a barrier arm at a gate-control entry point? A similar alert will automatically go out.

One of the best features of Avigilon systems installed by AT&I is that they are modular. They can expand according to clients’ needs, allowing you to upscale as new features become available.

AT&I Systems: Security Solutions for Boynton Beach and Beyond

AT&T has been a trusted partner in South Florida for two-and-a-half decades. In addition to working with Valencia Shores, we’re excited to announce that we are planning the opening of our Boynton Beach office in the near feature. Contact or call us at (866) 436-3516 to learn more about safeguarding your own community.