Ascent M2: Property-Access Solution for an Imperfect World

by | Feb 1, 2019 | Latest News

Ascent M2 Cellular Access Control System

In an ideal world, entry management would be easy. Tenants would always pick up their phones, on-site security guards would never let their attention drift, and the only visitors attempting to gain access would be utterly upright do-gooders. But we don’t live in an ideal world. Sometimes tenants can’t answer calls. Sometimes security guards let their attention wander. And sometimes the people trying to gain access to a property don’t have your best interest in mind.

That’s why the Ascent M2 exists. In a less-than-ideal world, it safeguards tenants and property managers alike.

What Is the Ascent M2?

The Ascent M2 is a next-generation, multi-tenant automated entry system. As a cellular access control system, the Ascent M2 has a massive advantage over traditional hardwired counterparts. Gone are the days of relying on wires and running a conventional phone line. With the Ascent M2, you have the freedom to install your system wherever you need it, as long as you have a cellular signal. With numerous features to aid both tenants and property managers, the Ascent M2 is the ideal choice. Standout features include:

  • A large, seven-inch high-contrast color LCD screen for easy viewing day or night
  • 4G cellular connectivity for alerts anytime or anywhere
  • A high-definition camera that captures still photos
  • A pair of Wiegand inputs
  • A programmable keypad
  • Compact dimensions (16.53” high by 10.50” wide by 4.74” deep)
  • A shipping weight of 17 pounds

The Ascent M2 also integrates with the Summit Control™ app, allowing you to manage your cellular access control system right from your smartphone. The Summit Control app features a variety of tools which allow you to:

  • Get push notifications of all activity
  • Review activity logs
  • Control and check the status of your gate(s) and entry door(s) and more!

These make for more than just a powerful piece of hardware. The Ascent M2 actively works to make the lives of tenants and property managers both safer and easier.

Simple Security: How the Ascent M2 Helps Tenants

No tenant wants to have a narrow response window, one that requires him or her to be virtually tethered to a phone in order to grant someone access to the property. Fortunately, the Ascent M2 helps ensure that you’ll always make a connection.

The Ascent M2 has rollover-calling capabilities and can forward a call to up to three phone numbers per address. What’s more, the system has a total storage capacity of 10,000 users, so it’s never too hard for a visitor to get in touch with someone.

Powerful Options: How the Ascent M2 Aids Property Managers

No manager wants to be on the job 24/7, but the demands of dealing with an increasingly connected and chaotic world mean that someone often has to be available at a moment’s notice. Fortunately, the Ascent M2 does much of the heavy lifting for you.

Not only can the Ascent M2 push or email status notifications, it can do both simultaneously. What’s more, cloud-based software solutions allow property managers to access important data from anywhere in the world just so long as they can connect to the internet via a web browser. Finally, the system can interface with two separate doors or gates for multiple points of ingress.

Does the Ascent M2 sound like the solution for your property management needs? Contact AT&I Systems via our online form or call us at (954) 727-1724 for a quote.