Perimeter Security: 7 Reasons Why Your Business Need One

by | Sep 13, 2022 | Latest News

While few businesses would consider operating without having adequate security installed in their facilities, many fail to consider the importance of perimeter security — an oversight that can have significant consequences. According to the FBI, “larceny-thefts accounted for an estimated 73.4 percent of property crimes in 2019” (the most recent year for which statistics were available). 

Building perimeter securityWhat’s more, 27 percent of all larceny-theft, which the FBI defines as “the unlawful taking, carrying, leading, or riding away of property from the possession or constructive possession of another,” occurred in motor vehicles parked around a property. The next highest category, shoplifting, comprised only 22.2 percent of such offenses.  

Such numbers show that it’s obviously just as important for companies to implement perimeter security as it is to install systems within their offices and stores. In this article, we will discuss seven perimeter security benefits for your organization. 

Proactively Deter Trespassers and Theft  

Our first reason is one we’ve already alluded to above: Perimeter access control helps stop crime before it occurs. Though popular media likes to depict thieves and vandals as wily, ingenious ne’er-do-wells, most would prefer to strike unguarded areas. The sight of tall fences, an access control gate, a guard station, or CCTV cameras goes a long way to keeping them off of your property. 

Security Personnel Can Be Costly  

Live, in-the-flesh security personnel are an important part of any security arrangement, being able to perform multiple tasks, make snap judgments when required, and reach out for additional aid when necessary. Unfortunately, personnel suffer from significant drawbacks such as unreliability, unintentional human error, and (unfortunately) a lack of trustworthiness. In many contexts, building perimeter security systems have sufficiently advanced in technology to allow the replacement of security personnel. In addition to solving the aforementioned problems, they also can help businesses realize significant cost savings. 

Personnel Can’t Be Everywhere 24/7  

Employing security personnel offers many advantages, some of which we have mentioned above. However, they also face significant drawbacks, one of the most problematic being the fact that they can’t be everyone at once all of the time. When personnel employ tightly scheduled and regimented patrol routes and security patterns, they open themselves up to potential security breaches. But a well-designed security system can negate that risk, which is one of the many perimeter security advantages.  

You Have Assets That Need Protection  

As we saw from the FBI’s data, your assets reside both inside and outside the walls of your organization’s buildings. Everything from your inventory to your personnel, your vehicles to your trade secrets, your operational assets to your capital improvements counts as an asset. They could also be at risk if unauthorized individuals gain access to your property. Perimeter security examples such as gate access systems, CCTV systems, seismic detectors, and motion sensors can help ensure that interlopers stay off of your company’s grounds. 

Your Employees Will Feel Safer (and May Boost Morale!)  

Physical assets shouldn’t be your only focus when you’re considering a perimeter security system. Your employees also deserve safeguarding, as do your customers. Yes, perimeter security systems will keep your goods and money safe, but they will also protect you everyday customers and your employees who keep the day-to-day aspects of your business running. When workers see that you’ve taken commonsense security precautions, they will be and feel safer — and you just might see a boost in morale to boot. 

Limits Access Points and Provides Access Control  

The fewer points of ingress available, the safer your particular site will be. Access control — which restricts entry at guarded portals to those who carry preapproved credentials — helps reduce the number of places where an unauthorized individual could attempt to gain access. This form of perimeter security is yet another way in which carefully implemented systems can reduce criminal acts or stymie them before they even begin. 

Avoid Increases to Your Insurance Premiums  

Although many managers like to decry insurance expenses, one thing is undoubtedly true: Insurers know how to measure risk and charge for it. If your property lacks safeguards and the data show that this lack will increase your risk, don’t be surprised if you pay more in insurance. While we can’t promise that your insurance costs will go down if you install perimeter security (that’s a job for the actuaries), the chances are pretty good. Generally speaking, the presence of security systems often decreases insurance premiums. 

Types of Perimeter Security Systems  

Technologies as simple as fences, lights, and gates often serve as perimeter security systems, but you aren’t restricted to that relatively primitive level of technology. Here at AT&I Systems, we provide options such as: 

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