What Is the Watchman EVO?

by | Jan 18, 2019 | Latest News

Watchman EVO entry management systemAt one point, common wisdom held that having actual on-staff or contracted guards at a property was the best security money could buy. Time and tough experience has proved otherwise in many situations. Sadly, guards’ commitment and personal engagement vary from person to person. What many property managers need is an always-on, high-functioning, multi-platform technological solution.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been one available — until now. The Watchman EVO is a new next-generation telephone entry unit. As a cellular-based system with a SIM card, it combines a software-free touchscreen entry management system with app-based entry protocols, providing peace of mind for managers and residents alike. The best part? It’s available now!

Benefits of the Watchman EVO

Measuring a mere 324mm tall and 130mm wide, the Watchman EVO replaces all the functionality of a boot-on-the-ground guard while providing additional added value. This system includes:

• A built-in HID card reader
• A directory listing capacity of 1,500 entries, each of which can contain six app contacts and three voice-only numbers for the system to contact for entry
• A Wiegand expansion port and Wiegand functionality for any 26-bit reader
• Each Watchman EVO can manage up to two gates or doors
• Full-color 7” display
• Live-streaming video communication via multiple motion-activated varifocal and fixed-focal cameras for streaming video
• Verizon or AT&T LTE service with no additional VoIP fees
• Plug-and-play internet with no additional VoIP fees

The advantages of the Watchman EVO go beyond its actual physical hardware and into its software integration, providing unique value propositions for both tenants and managers. These include the Watchman EVO app, as well as the CellGate app and CellGateTrueCloud, which allows access to security data to any authorized user with an internet browser.

How the Watchman EVO Aids Tenants

The physical system integrates the Watchman EVO app, which allows residents to receive video or audio calls from visitors. The smartphone app aids in easy identification of any non-credentialed individuals seeking entry. Additionally, tenants can open gates or doors even if they aren’t on the premises with the press of a virtual button. Such security and flexibility helps bolster residents’ sense of safety.

How the Watchman EVO Aids Managers

Authorized property managers can use higher-level functions in the CellGate app such as holding open gates or doors for extended periods. What’s more, the CellGate TrueCloud web-based metrics system provides an ongoing log of picture-embedded event records. Managers can also remotely set entry restrictions and determine which kinds of notifications they would like to receive. This cloud-based system maintains all logs for fix months.

Ease, Safety, and Peace of Mind

Whether you’re a resident or a manager, Watchman EVO can make your experience with a particular property easier, more enjoyable, and (most importantly) safer. Peace of mind awaits! Units are available now, so get in touch with AT&I Systems today to learn more.